The French are considered people who are always in love. The Eiffel Tower to France is like Taj Mahal to India. The French folks are always smiling down to earth, peaceful and loving. Now could this be because of the food they eat or the wine they drink. French cuisine is full of flavors and is not a bit fanciful. Just like Thai and Chinese cuisine French cuisine has now become a part on the Indian table.

French Cooking:  One can say that French food is sophisticated but not so boorish. In different parts of France chicken is made in different ways and no way is the same as the other. For example in Burgundy chicken is made with vegetables and spices. However they say that there is tradition attached to it. French food is a flurry of flavors and they can layer it wonderfully. Whether it is soup, stew or heavy cuisine most of the starters are a combination of diced celery, carrots, onions and garlic. One thing is for sure that every French dish has wine in it though it is not sloshed into it. It is normally added in a hot pan to reduce the concentrated flavor of the food. To this the brown meat is added and what one gets it just scrumptious. As a final punch, to the dish are added herbs that are very fresh.French_food

To understand the finesse of French cuisine one has to look beyond the techniques and its ingredients. In France one has to think how the food is planned, and how the whole family sits together a d the table and enjoy the food together. A typical French cuisine meal will comprise of three courses like a soup for starters, a main dish that is normally chicken and a sweet dish of cheese and fruit. Here food is enjoyed in such a way that everyone is relaxed and it is the pleasure of eating with family as company and food. One thing is quite strange that one can put the elbows on the table and enjoy your food.

In general, French cuis0910p46-nicoise-mine introduces one to a way of life that is relaxed and laid back. One can learn to make vinaigrette and cook vegetables tossed up in salads. Salad making is an art and once one has mastered the art the next thing on the list is chicken. It is the simplest way of making chicken with crispy skin on the outside and juicy on the inside. Roasting of the chicken is done at a temperature of four hundred degrees in an oven .One can make out if the chicken is done by just poking it with a fork. One will find the juice running out to indicate that the chicken is done. For a classic onion soup all that one needs is the patience to brown the onions and let it get slowly dark so that its juices are released. As for the sweet dish one can make a French tart with a thin crust at the top.